Film & media

An interview with myself…
This is a quick introduction interview showing off a little of what and who I am

Andy Junior, Missing My Baby music clip.
This clip had a planned shooting time of three days. That turned into three hours! Due to certain events the planned time to shoot this video was smashed and I had to improvise dramatically! More clips are in the planning.

Jui Jitsu mini documentary/news article (Dutch language).
This was created during my film studies. I myself am a judoka, practitioner of jui jitsu. It is a great sport that I firmly recommend! 

Two Step motion graphic video. This is already five years ago as of 2020! Time flies at warp speed when you’re old. Two Step is a linkbuilding company operating in the Netherlands. Hopefully this video explains wat it is that they do.

An advert / promo clip for JVD Archery in the Netherlands. This was made while in the employ of JVD. Although my time there was short, I was able to create some pretty cool stuff. As far as I know, this little number is still on their website.

A promotional advertisement film for JVD outdoor products. this was just fun to make.