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I am firstly, an Illustrator. I am most comfortable with a pencil & a sketchbook. I'm trained to wield the pencil over paper like a samurai wields his sword, expertly and concentrated. I'm able to vary my style to make custom drawings that suit the task at hand!

Graphic Design

I've racked up more than ten years experience as a Graphic Designer. I've worked for and with brands such as; PUMA, TOMMY HILFIGER & O'NEILL to drop just a few names.

Film & Photography

I am a lover of coffee and of great stories! A picture should indeed speak a thousand words and those words should be telling a story that holds your attention. Photography and Film making is a true passion of mine that I wish to expand.

More skills!

Stage Design

Up till 2020, Thorny Devil had been designing music festival & performance stages for various companies. Fairytale Festival in Kaatsheuvel has been designed by Thorny Devil since the beginning!

Packaging Design

Thorny Devil has more than ten years experience in designing packaging. From POS material to in-shop displays, I've done it all!

Tshirt Design

Thorny Devil has a wide range of humerous Tshirts available on various platforms. Some are cheeky, some naughty and others just plain cool! Want a custom design? No worries!

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